25–26 July 2016 — Aberdeen, Scotland

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Invited Speakers

In 2006, Silvie founded the Business Rules Platform Nederland (Dutch Business Rules Platform) union in the Netherlands. She has organized numerous conferences, including the annual EBRC: European Business Rules Conference for the past five years, and the successful 3 Amigos event in the Netherlands. Furthermore, she has also translated the RuleSpeak and business rules manifesto guidelines into Dutch.

Another highlight in her career is that, in 2002, she was invited by the Object Management Group to make a contribution to standardization in the field. The result is the SBVR standard, which was officially accepted in 2005. Standardization is, in her opinion, essential when it comes to bringing a field to a higher level of maturity, and it shows that we take the issue very seriously.

Upon leaving the Montessori Lyceum in Amsterdam, she went on to study Cognitive Artificial Intelligence in Utrecht. In 1996, she completed her Masters with a thesis on genetic algorithms and decision-trees supporting the selection of an automated breeding process. The challenge was to instill confidence in a statistical model of the breeding selection process, and to give an insight regarding the (generated) knowledge. This challenge is, to this day, a common thread running through her career.

More information can be found on her webpage

Philipp is the head of the Semantic Computing Group at Bielefeld University. He is also affiliated with the Cognitive Interaction Technology Excellence Cluster. Before joining the University of Bielefeld, he was an assistant professor at Delft University of Technology (2008-2009) and a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute AIFB of Universität Kalsruhe (TH). Philipp is mainly interested in topics at the intersection between knowledge representation and text processing including: text mining, computational semantics, information retrieval, question answering, ontology learning, ontology localization, etc. He is editorial board member of the Semantic Web Journal.

More information can be found on his webpage